Don't hold back

The days of knee injuries holding you back are over. We call it supportive apparel and it is getting everyone back to doing what they love. Customizable and anatomically correct, you get all the support of a traditional knee brace within the comfort of a compression tight.


Support of traditional braces


lighter than other braces


Thinner than competitor braces


“I ran my first 10km since rupturing my ACL, MCL and medial meniscus and my knee felt great! The K1's provided me with the support I needed to not only complete the 10km, but run it in record time!”

Danae Harding

“I am a mogul skier and for us knee injuries are pretty common. I tried the K1's skiing and jumping and they gave me so much confidence on the hill! I was shocked at how much support they gave me.”

Laurianne Desmarais-Gilbert, Freestyle Canada Skier

“I wish Stoko was around the first time I had ACL surgery! The K1’s are so lightweight, supportive, and comfortable, easily beating any traditional knee brace that I’ve tried in the past.”


“I've now worn the K1 for 9 days of ski touring and skate skiing. It's a winner. I've skied with a knee brace for 35+ years...This is definitely the future for mild instability knee braces. Well done.”


“During runs, the additional hip stabilization and lateral support of the K1 allowed my glutes to fire more and take the pressure off my knees. Will 100% recommend these to my clients and fellow runners.”

Keith Sharman - owner: Innovative Fitness West Vancouver

“My first Impression of the K1 was how comfortable they are to wear. The K1 is supportive while not limiting any flexibility & the knee support is felt immediately once they are on and adjusted.”

Evan Bichon, Canada Snowboard

“Wearing big, bulky knee braces is one of the worst feelings as a skier. Stoko has given us the best of both worlds by providing maximum support and stability, in a low profile, nonrestrictive legging.”

Sam Mckeown, Freestyle Canada Skier

“I mean what else can I say, this is a support system, a compression system and an activation system all in one... and they look and feel good. If you're thinking about getting a pair... just do it.”

Dr. Michael Mensah, Chiropractor and Athlete

“Stoko has taken the development of the knee brace to the next echelon. Their approach combines innovative technologies, master-crafted for the objective of improved athlete experience and outcome post injury.”

Erik Torchia, Physiotherapist

“It was surprisingly noticeable how much stability and support my knees had while snowboarding! I found the K1s very comfortable and I am excited to have them as a part of my kit from now on!”

Braeden Adams

a woman wearing Stoko knee support and compression pants
Medical grade bracing 

Integrated cables and anatomical mapping ensure you have all the support of a traditional brace built right into compression tights that you might normally wear anyway.

Ultra comfortable

Made from innovative 3D knitted yarn, the breathable high stretch fabric and customizable Embrace System™ allows you to fine tune the support level you need and the comfort level you want.

a man wearing Stoko knee support and compression pants
knee braces for women
Easy to use 

Designed to mimic the supporting ligaments and muscles in your body, this supportive apparel is so thin and unobtrusive no one will even know you’re wearing it. Until you tell them how awesome it is.

Amazing for

Our supportive apparel is designed with versatility at the forefront. You can wear Stoko for all types of sports and activities, no matter what age or ability.

Man and woman running and wearing Stoko knee support and compression pants
Stoko for


A man wearing knee support that is a great alternative to knee braces
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A skiing man wearing a knee support
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A man is snowboarding and wearing a knee support
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Trusted by medical professionals

Registered by the FDA and Health Canada as a Class 1 Medical Device and recommended by physiotherapists and orthopedic surgeons who understand that traditional braces aren’t good enough.

“Stoko is creatively revolutionizing the bracing category for active people who don't want anything cumbersome when they are doing their sport. I'm super excited to see their progress in the future.”
Dr. Dory Boyer, Chief Doctor & Chief Medical Officer for Team Canada