Benefits Coverage

The K1 is registered as a Class 1 Medical Device and FDA approved, recommended by physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons who are looking for a more compliant knee brace that supports an injury throughout the rehabilitation process. The K1 is reimbursable through Health Spending Accounts or Flex Plans by all Canadian insurers. As for general benefits plans, we've experienced many cases of reimbursement, but coverage is dependent on the insurer as benefit plans vary.

Stoko tip! Many insurers require a description of the medical need for the product. Although not a guarantee, having this described in the prescription will help with your claim process.

Follow these three essential steps when claiming your K1 for reimbursement:

1. Review your unique benefits coverage for knee braces.

2. Get a referral from your medical professional. Here is what the referral needs to include:

          2a. Which knee the K1 knee brace is for.

          2b. The recommendation of a K1 knee brace for injury rehabilitation and daily use (they will not cover knee braces for sports purposes only).

          2c. Your specific injury diagnosis your K1 is being used for.

Here is Stoko's sample referral form that can be filled out by your medical professional or used as a reference: Knee Brace Doctor Referral Form

3. Include this Referral Form with your reimbursement claim to your payment provider or insurer.

4. We have learned that some insurers would like a quote for pre-approval, click here for CAD and here for USD. 

Contact if you require a detailed receipt post purchase, K1 quote for pre-approval or have any further questions.