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Because I Can: An Epic Journey

Because I Can: An Epic Journey

1 Woman. 3 Days. 4 Sports. An Epic Backyard Adventure. 

On this three day adventure, Stoko ambassador and athlete, Celeste Pomerantz, will be mountain biking, trail running, kayaking, and gravel biking her way through some of BC's toughest terrain in a circuit that has never been done before. The journey will span a distance of 180km with elevation gains of up to 7000m. 

Epic journey route map

The Why

Growing up watching and reading adventure documentaries of athletes pushing their limits to be the first, the fastest, or the gnarliest at something always seemed unachievable to Celeste. When the concept of this adventure was first formulated, she had a similar feeling; unachievable. However, the more she thought about it, the more she knew she could do it. 

Even though, it hasn’t been done before, to Celeste, it isn’t about being the first to do this. It’s about doing it because she can. There’s a significant difference between an out and back versus a loop. A loop guarantees a finish, a closed circle. Realizing she could take advantage of the entire environment and landscape she grew up in and where she continues to play, powered by no other than her and the equipment she uses gives her energy. She's combining four mediums of sport that she's spent her whole life doing into one great adventure.


Day 1: Gravel To Kayak 

 Porteau Cove to Deep Cove.

Distance: 80km

Elevation Gain: 1120m



Day 2: North Shore Triple Crown Mountain Bike 

Deep Cove to the base of Cypress Mountain.

+ gravel bike back to summit of Cypress Mountain

Distance: 65km + 14km

Elevation Gain: 2672m + 750m



Day 3: Howe Sound Crest Trail Run 

Top of Cypress Mountain to Porteau Cove.  

Distance: 30km

Elevation Gain: 1700m 



How Stoko Supports Celeste

Stoko is proud to support Celeste Pomerantz on her three-day Epic adventure through her British Columbian backyard. Celeste regularly wears the K1 Breathe to support her while being active and will be testing a K1 Breathe crop prototype during this trip. The Stoko team will be tagging along in our Toyota "Stokoma" bringing supplies, capturing live updates and cheering on Celeste over the three days. At Stoko, support means more to us than just supportive apparel and as one of our Stoko Ambassadors, we couldn't be more proud to give her our full support every step of the way.

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Celeste Pomerantz - Stoko Ambassador

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